Our Philosophy

Here at Westphal Red Angus we take great pride in our registered cattle.

The philosophy we endorse in raising registered cattle starts with the maintenance of our mother cow herd. We believe each registered animal on our ranch should be held to strict standards. These standards are met and continually raised each year during the culling process. We do the majority of the cow culling in conjunction with calving. Each cow is evaluated on calving date, conformation of the legs, feet udder, disposition, and number of points in her Most Probable Producing Ability (MPPA). Each cow must have a 98 MPPA to remain in our herd. If they don't, they just raised their last registered calf. Consequently, they will not be sold as registered cattle. We have maintained these strict standards and now have a sound set of great cows. Our herd is constantly improving because we keep raising the standards. You will notice that because we use balanced herd sires and sustain a relentless culling process the EPD's take care of themselves.

There are breeders who don't believe in culling any of their herd. Some breeders often keep a cow, heifer calf, or bull calf because of their EPD's, ratios, pedigree, or because they are an ET calf. They don't look at the "whole" animal or its performance.

At Westphal Red Angus we are constantly challenging our cows to stay in our herd. We can honestly say that when you use our genetics you are getting the "whole" package. It's our guarantee that you are getting the numbers, a good conformation and disposition, and an animal that has everything stacked in its favor.